Could Liam and Noel Gallagher be getting Oasis back together for a one-off Glastonbury gig? (Picture: Photoshot)

Liam Gallagher has fired up the ‘will they or won’t they’ Oasis reunion furnace once more, with the band’s name drip-teased tweet-by-tweet on his Twitter feed – and it almost broke the internet.

Some people are saying that a reunion would be the best thing that has ever happened in their lives (true).

Others are of the opinion that an Oasis reunion is a bit like the Ghostbusters crossing the streams – something to be avoided at all costs.

Whatever your own opinion, lots of people the world over have got very, very excited at the possibility of a Gallagher re-grouping. So much so that bookies even suspended bets on the matter.

And where better for family get-togethers than Glastonbury?

The Eavises are yet to announce their Saturday night Pyramid Stage headliner for this year’s festival, so the rumour mill has ground round towards speculation that the northern rockers could be reforming and occupying the hallowed slot.

It is possible. The musical planets may have magically aligned and they could all be pointing towards Worthy Farm. And it could’ve been B-E-A-D-Y-E-Y-E (his new band) that he tweeted – but it wasn’t.

But with so much public bad blood letting between brothers Liam and Noel, and other opportunities in the past passed up, I find it a bit hard to believe.

Besides, both brothers are busy with their own bands these days (Liam the aforementioned Beadyeye, and Noel with his High Flying Birds) and Noel is also busy being a modern-day philosopher/comedian (warning: some very funny, but very colourful language).

So what exactly has Liam’s Twitter taunt proven? Well, it proves that he can spell, for starters, albeit five-letter, familiar words

Let’s be a cynical for a short time.  Why do a lot of bands reform? In the words of Jessie J (she knows her stuff) it’s all about the money, money money.

Oasis stars Liam and Noel Gallagher pictured at the Q Magazine music awards in London today (Fri). Oasis frontman Liam received the Best Act in the World trophy on behalf of the band at the 10th anniversary of the awards. See PA story SHOWBIZ Awards. Photo by Fiona Hanson/PA.  30/04/03 : Oasis stars Liam (left) and Noel Gallagher. The band's 1995 hit was named the greatest song of the past decade according to listeners of Virgin Radio.  Music fans were asked to choose their favourite songs of the last 10 years to celebrate the tenth anniversary of Virgin Radio.
Could Oasis about to headline Glastonbury? (Picture: Fiona Hanson/PA)

Or could it all be part of an extremely well-timed, well-orchestrated master plan?

If you think about it, momentum has been building. It’s 20 years since Britpop began, 20 years since Definitely Maybe was released, and they’re fresh off the back of their Chasing the Sun exhibition in London, which showcased a treasure trove of the band’s memorabilia ( including a life-sized mock-up of the flat pictured on Definitely Maybe album cover).

This could all be working out rather nicely. The timing is perfect.

So what exactly has Liam’s Twitter taunt proven? Well, it proves that he can spell, for starters, albeit five-letter, familiar words.

Maybe he just really fancied one of those fruity bottled beverages? Perhaps he’s stuck in a desert somewhere with an intermittent Wi-Fi connection, and his series of tweets were actually a cry for help?

Whatever the case, if it’s not this year, then it’ll probably be another year (or not), and the Gallagher saga will continue to go round and round and we’ll just have to roll with it. See what I did there?

And in other news, The Libertines actually did reform. That’s pretty exciting too, no?