News, colleagues hate each other, CBS3
Nicole Brewer (L) and Carol Erickson deny they hate each other despite YouTube video seemingly showing the opposite (Picture: CBS3/YouTube)

A television news anchor has denied she hates a meteorologist colleague after a video of them seemingly at odds with each other became a YouTube hit.

A nearly three-minute clip of presenter Nicole Brewer and weather girl Carol Erickson being sarcastic towards one another and constantly trying to get the last word has gained more than one million views on the video sharing site.

The compilation video from AmazingLife247 features several catty interactions and at one point Erickson suggests her co-worker could have consumed alcohol before coming on air.

But the two women involved and the news station they work for, CBS3, have said the video does not truly reflect their relationship and they are actually good friends.

‘If you know @CarolCBS3 and me, you know there’s only love between us. So, we’re going to keep having fun. #HalosForever,’ Brewer wrote on Twitter.

Meteorologist Erickson said she loved her co-worker in response.

She said: ‘I know the truth is boring but the truth is, we REALLY are such good friends!’

A representative from the network added the clips were arranged out of context and Erickson had been a mentor to former Miss Pennsylvania Brewer.