WeatherForecasters are predicting wet and windy weather.

Britain faces a miserable bank holiday weekend with weather forecasters predicting rain.

Much of Britain should brace itself for a wet and windy Bank Holiday weekend, meteorologists said today.

The South of England will be worst affected this weekend, with heavy bursts of rain and a possibility of thunderstorms.

Senior meteorologist Stephen Davenport said: “It isn’t going to be an enjoyable weekend outdoors in the South of England. It’s not going to be non-stop rain, but there will be a lot of it.

“There are some really heavy bursts. There may be thunderstorms cracking off in the South East and spreading west and northwards.”

But Mr Davenport said that people in Northern Ireland and Scotland can look forward to a drier weekend.

“Will it be a washout? It depends on where you are. For the South of the UK, yes. Further north and in Northern Ireland, no.”

The outlook for Saturday is positive for most of the UK, with highs of 20c in London and Southampton, and a few scattered showers predicted in the South of England.

South Wales and the South of England are expected to have a wet Sunday morning, with rain edging Northwards. It will be a windy day across the UK.

The warmest weather on Bank Holiday Monday will be in the north west of Ireland, where temperatures are expected to reach 19c. People in Glasgow can look forward to a high temperature of 18c.

Areas further south will see more clouds, rain and wind on Monday, with the heaviest rain affecting south east England.

Sian Brenchley of Visit Britain says that the unfavourable weather forecast would not deter people from holidaying in the UK this weekend.

“Anecdotally we’re certainly hearing that bookings are up in hotels and bed and breakfasts. People are thinking about holidaying at home again.

Ms Brenchley added: “People shouldn’t be put off by rain. Britain is an all-weather destination. When the weather’s not so good we have got hundreds of museums, galleries and indoor attractions.”

According to the AA, more than 18 million motorists are expected to take to the roads this weekend, travelling an average of 304 miles.

The busiest routes include the M25 around London through Surrey and Berkshire, the M1 through the East Midlands towards South Yorkshire, and the M6 between Cheshire and the Lake District.

An increase in traffic is expected on Monday evening as people travel back home.